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Here at Media Controlled, we offer advanced, professional video conferencing solutions for your needs. We can help you revolutionize your ability to communicate with whomever you need to talk to live, at any time.

A home theater system (also known as a home cinema system) is one that combines a number of different electronic components, which are designed to recreate the experience of what it feels like to watch a film when you go to the cinema. There is no denying that this is a much more enjoyable experience. You will be more immersed into the movie if you watch it on a home theater system rather than simply watching it on an ordinary television.

Choosing Your Ideal  Commercial Video Conferencing System

Your ideal video conferencing solution should be custom tailored to your organization’s needs. This means installing and managing it with the help of professional service providers. If you need to choose a conferencing solution that works well for you, assess your distance, connectivity and data sharing needs to know what kind of tools you need for your platform. This also means budgeting for their installation, maintenance and level of robustness.

How Commercial Video Conferencing Works

With a commercial video conferencing software solution, your digital visual meetings aren’t just about a blurry video connection with a one or a few family members and friends through your mobile device. Commercial solutions deliver a plethora of technologies that include multiple screens, highly sensitive audio processing, advanced compression technologies and strong encryption security to help you hold multi-party video reunions with multiple people around the world at the same time.

The bi-directional and multi-directional content sharing capacity of a quality video conferencing solution for your business will let you hold complex meetings remotely without the need for expensive staff travel options.

This commercial technology includes many features found in personal video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Facebook, but expands its scope to professional levels of clarity and communication. Aspects of commercial video conferencing include support for multiple mini-screens, high velocity bandwidth and data sharing tools for close collaboration.

Commercial video conferencing software

Many of us use personal video conferencing software apps such as FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and others for our long-distance chats with family and friends, and they usually work fine. However, translating this kind of technology to a boardroom can be more complicated.

The circumstances that let you have a decent video chat with someone in a commercial setting are stricter than what your average Whatsapp video conversation makes available. Group business meetings have their own unique video and audio fidelity needs that require high levels of service quality across the board.  

For these kinds of situations, you need dedicated, professional solutions. This is where commercial video conferencing comes into the picture. It can create a truly enormous difference for your digital meetups.

Video Conferencing Installation Essentials

The essentials of a high-performance commercial video conferencing platform can vary depending on specific organization needs, but their most fundamental components include the following:

Smart management platform: Your video calling system should include internal tools for controlling your chat parameters, video quality, audio details, lighting and visual filters. You should be able to manipulate these as needed through pre-sets and easily accessible control panel settings.

Quality video and audio compression: If you’re using commercial conferencing technology, it should be able to offer video and audio feeds that are as clear as possible at all times. This should apply even if your conferences involve multiple participants from several different parts of the world. With commercial conferencing software, this should also include smart data compression capability. High-end speakers and crisply detailed video display screens are also ideal.

Powerful internet connectivity: Even the best video meeting system with superb compression technology working under the hood won’t be perfect with weak internet connectivity. Your conferencing platform should make the best of any internet connection you and your colleagues use, but it will always work optimally when your internet itself supports plenty of uninterrupted data handling.

The Benefits of Commercial Video Conferencing

With commercial video conferencing you can enjoy many benefits that don’t easily apply with consumer conferencing software. These include:

  1. The capacity to hold multi-party meetings in which all participants are clearly visible and clearly audible.
  2. Close and detailed collaboration through multi-screen support among all meeting attendees, and the ability to share data in real time.
  3. Enormously reduced expenses on staff travel time and logistics at both the executive and practical levels.
  4. The ability to meet with staff and clients on demand regardless where you or any of them are located.
  5. Handling complex staff and client meetings with participants from all over the world even if you’re working from a small home office.
  6. More easily managing a truly international business at low cost as a sort of “micro-multinational” enterprise.

You can imagine your own unique reasons to love commercial video communication software as they arise, but the essential benefits of this technology are universal.

Professional Support for Conferencing That Just Works

Installing your own conferencing software can easily lead to configuration errors and security holes. If you need to discuss sensitive organizational themes with staff or clients without glitches, your best option is to work with digital media technology specialists. Contact us for more information and a personalized consultation.

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