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Start your dream home entertainment system with Media Controlled TV installation projector installation.

With years of industry experience and a passion for home entertainment, Media Controlled’s professionals can mount your television with precision. Do-it-yourself jobs almost always involve guesswork. At Media Controlled, we have TV installation down to a science.

Factors to Consider When Mounting a Television

The Right Tools and Potential Damage

On the surface, mounting a TV seems simple — find a stud, screw in a bracket or two, then mount it. Unfortunately, dry wall can crack, the TV might not be as level as you think, or it just isn’t flush against the wall. Starting the process over can result unnecessary holes in your wall, losing screws, or breaking your brackets and even damaging your new television.

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Cord Management

With wall-mounted televisions, you don’t want cords dangling from the bottom running to outlets across the room. Our team is trained to provide optimum cord management that will make your television look wireless.

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Universal Remote Control

A device which the consumer uses to communicate to the “brains” sending the commands to all the devices connected to the TV.

Common Mistakes When Mounting a TV Yourself

  • Not calling the professionals
  • Glare from windows on screen
  • Stretched cables that wear out quickly
  • Forgetting to attach all cables
  • Missing studs
  • Not knowing if studs are wood or metal
  • Hanging it at the wrong height
  • Flat panel TV isn’t flush against the wall
  • Not accounting for tough wall materials
  • Not properly setting up TV picture and sound
  • No power or cable access

TV Installation Checklist

  • Cord access
  • Cable jack location
  • Powersupply options
  • Mounting bracket
  • Univeral remote control
  • Speaker placement
  • Syncing other devices
  • Proper brackets for both television and wall material
  • Service providers
  • Seating

Four Benefits of Hiring Professional do your Tv Installation

  1. Save time and money — Professionals can do the job quickly once and without damaging the television.
  2. The right tools — We have the proper brackets, screws, and other tools that ensure your TV stays put.
  3. The right team — TVs can be heavy and awkward to mount alone.
  4. The right look — Professionals don’t just install it and quit. We take the overall presentation into consideration.

We Do It Right the First Time

Any home entertainment system, whether it’s in a private theater or living room, starts with the perfect television. To free up space and provide the best angle for your viewing experience, it needs to be neat and mounted correctly. 

That’s where Media Controlled flat panel TV installation comes in. Equipped with the right tools and experience, we can get it right the first time. That means your new television stays intact. It will be perfectly level and the perfect height for your enjoyment. Contact us today for service or a consultation.


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