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Protect your home and office with expert surveillance camera installation from Media Controlled. We provide a variety of surveillance camera systems and reliable installation services for all types of properties.

Essential Components of a Surveillance Camera System

The three critical components of a surveillance system include video cameras, recording devices, and display units.

Media Controlled Surveillance installation

Video cameras

Cameras for surveillance systems are of different types. We help you to determine the right camera system based on your specific requirements. Choose between wired or wireless, single or multiple units, and indoor or outdoor cameras.

We can help with surveillance camera installation for the day as well as night vision. We guide you with the camera placement plan. We ensure optimal views of your property with minimal drilling and wiring tasks.

Video Recording devices

Recording devices help in assessment, investigation, and evidence collection. Two types of recording devices are used with surveillance systems – DVR and NVR. Both recorders offer remote monitoring capability and HD recording.

DVR uses analog cameras, a power supply cable, and a coaxial cable for video output. NVR uses IP cameras and is based on the PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology. The recorders differ from one another in their way of transmission of the recorded data.

Monitors for Display

You can monitor your space, on a real-time basis, through an easy-to-use application from your mobile device. For a larger property, you may require special monitor screens for better clarity. We can help you establish the complete setup and provide display screens with higher resolution and video signal capability.

Why Do You Need a Surveillance System?

The surveillance camera system can let you see the entire property instantly from your smartphone. It helps perfect your existing security system, prevent a burglary, or fire accident, get hold of a perpetrator, and give you a sense of safety.

We have years of experience in providing surveillance solutions for homes and businesses. With a well-trained team of professionals and the commitment to deliver the best technology solutions, Media Controlled offers advanced and custom-tailored surveillance camera installation services for all.

Surveillance Camera Installation Checklist   

  • Video Cameras
  • Network Video Recorder (IP cameras, ethernet cables, recorder)
  • Digital Video Recorder (Analog cameras, coaxial cables, AD encoder)
  • Wiring
  • Weather Shields for outdoor cameras
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Power Supply / Batteries for Camera
  • Monitoring Device
  • Motion sensors (optional)

Four Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Surveillance Camera Installation

  1. Access to the right products: We understand the different types and brands of surveillance system components and can help you pick the most appropriate ones.
  2. Special Installation Tools: We make the surveillance camera installation process simpler and more efficient using our special tools and expertise.
  3. Save More Time: Surveillance camera installation can be complicated for the layman. Our experts will take care of the complete process within a short span.
  4. Best Results: We apply our skills and knowledge from the start to ensure optimal results.

Also, we provide expert security suggestions and offer professional maintenance and support. With Media Controlled, your safety is never compromised!

Camera surveillance systems are more intelligent and more effective than ever. Call us to know more about surveillance camera installation and how we can help you.

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Feb 5, 2019,
I was very pleased with the work done by Media Controlled. I would use them again and recommend them accordingly. They came with cost effective solutions for an older system and brought it up to speed...
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Oct 5, 2018,
Thrilled with their work! Very responsive! Mark is honest and has great integrity.
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Oct 5, 2018,
After having my home theater upgraded, I can’t enjoy any body else’s system that doesn’t have the quality that Mark has installed for us. There’s no comparison. Thank you so much.
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Oct 5, 2018,
Great website – clean easy to navigate. Have experienced your service and expertise for years with complete satisfaction.
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Oct 5, 2018,
Mark, thanks to you and all the gang over there for putting in this wonderful system & working to get all the kinks out. Listening to Van Morrison right now. Anytime you’re in the area, there’s always...
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Aug 27, 2018,
Informative ,easy to work with! Mark was pleasant and so helpful.
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