It is estimated that 70% of homes have a minimum of one smart gadget. Homes are adapting to the future and no one wants to get left behind.

Imagine having everything effortlessly automated with the push of a button or an utterance of a command. This is what an in-home remote control system can do for you and your family.

Continue reading to learn more about remote-controlled devices that can save you time, money, and stress!


1. Automated Lights

You probably recall those ads for clap-controlled lights, but smart home technology has since evolved!

Having voice-command or remote-controlled lights allows you to tailor lighting to your needs. It can also lead to savings by automating activities such as dimming lights closer to nighttime.


2. Remote Controlled Thermostats

Smart thermostats can automatically adjust for changing temperatures throughout the day. Most gadgets also have apps that allow you to turn settings on or off from anywhere.

Multiple thermostat settings can also be used to cut energy costs and lower environmental impacts.


3. Distributed Audio Systems

This is the best universal remote control investment for entertainment lovers!

While smart devices like Echo Dots can distribute audio, nothing beats wireless outdoor and indoor speakers. By installing these, you can have invisible and remote-controlled speakers throughout your home. They can also allow for a more immersive sound experience to host parties or family nights.


4. Surveillance Cameras

These smart home gadgets are easily controlled and can even help prevent home burglaries!

You can remotely view your home using a smartphone or device, allowing you consistent peace of mind. Settings can also be adjusted remotely and instant phone alerts will keep your home safe!


5. Home Theater

If you want a movie theater experience without the travel or hassle, then home theaters are a convenient solution!

Since this requires many devices from speakers to projectors, it is best to consult an installation company. Once installed, you’ll be able to enjoy 360-degree audio and wireless control of your personal theater.

The system can also be automated to make the experience accessible for everyone. You’ll definitely want to add this feature to your home to enjoy immersive sounds and amazing 8K video quality.


6. Flat Panel Televisions

Perhaps the most classic remote-controlled accessory is the flat panel TV. They can be professionally installed to ensure all wires are concealed and ready for use.

If you’re in the building stage of your home, you can even customize construction prewires to your desired tv set. The prewiring will also make your home automated and controlled by a smart home control panel.


A Remote Control System for Your Home

From cameras to home theaters, you won’t regret getting these remote-controlled devices! They will help create unlimited comfort and convenience for you and your housemates.

If you’re looking to upgrade your Idaho home with a remote control system, don’t hesitate to contact Media Controlled! You’ll soon have the best-automated lights, music, and temperatures in North Idaho!