You can have a movie theater at home. With theaters across the country still closed or only open at a reduced capacity, there’s no better time to build a home theater.

It starts with a projector screen installation. You’ll want a big, beautiful screen to watch all of your favorite films on.

This installation can seem like a daunting task. In reality, it’s not so hard once you break it down into a few key steps. Discover how to install a projector screen by reading below.


What Is a Projector Screen?

projector screen is what you hang on the wall or mount on the ceiling to watch movies, shows, or any other kind of video entertainment on. It’s the in-home equivalent of the screen in a movie theater.

Simple enough?


Installing a Projector Screen

Installation involves a few steps. Each builds on the other, so it’s important to do them in the proper order. Failure to appropriately complete one step could hamper the rest of the installation.

Step 1: Location, Location, Location

The screen’s location is essential. Install it where you have a good view of it from your existing furniture. The projector should display well against the screen’s location.

Don’t install the screen over a window that receives direct sunlight. Nor should you use a screen as a substitute for a window covering.

Step 2: A Wall or the Ceiling?

Decide if you want the screen mounted on the wall or anchored to the ceiling.

If there are any obstructions on the wall beneath the screen, you’ll have to anchor it 1-1/2” away from the wall on the ceiling. A wall-mounted projector screen must be able to pull down and retract flush against the wall.

Step 3: Marking Predrill Holes

Your projector screen will weigh between 30-60 pounds. Make things easier with a template made of cardboard.

It will keep the holes for screws evenly spaced from each other and the wall.

Step 4: Predrill the Holes

Get through the drywall with a 3/16 drill bit. If you hit a stud in the ceiling, that’s a good sign. If you don’t, then make a cross-brace by putting a 2×4 board perpendicularly between the joists, beneath the insulation.

Step 5: Installation Time

Installing the screen requires at least two people. Place two ladders or step stools beneath either set of predrilled holes. Lift the screen toward the ceiling with your partner.

Attach one end of the projector using a drill and screws. Partially tighten the screws on each end until the mount is flush with the ceiling.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Last, thread a rope or string onto the handle so it’s easier to reach. Align the projector screen et voilà!


The Art of Projector Screen Installation

Projector screen installation is an art form. It takes skill and effort to get the job done. It’s doable, but you wouldn’t want to mess it up.

Remove all the stress and hassle of installation by letting the pros at Media Controlled do it for you. Contact us today.