New Construction Prewire

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Do you have plans to build a new home? The best time to wire your house is when it is being built. We know what it takes to work with Architects, Interior Designers as well as Contractors to make your project run smoothly.

Media Controlled understands what wires are needed to run to ensure your home is ready for what the future has in store. Our professional design staff will engineer a system for you that will fulfill your media needs for years to come.

What is New Construction Prewire

New Construction Prewire is selecting which technologies to take advantage of in your new home and installing the wiring and devices before it is built. When you take advantage of the fact that there aren’t any walls up yet, your costs to run wiring decrease remarkably. It does take some foresight and experience when determining which wires to install.

Why Have Your Home Pre-wired?

  • Savings – The cost to run the proper wiring throughout your home goes up drastically after the walls are finished or if another technology like wireless is utilized. 
  • Resale – Wiring for the future adds value when you decide to sell your home.
  • Cost Appropriation – You will know how much to budget for the final installation of the system you desire.
  • Exceptional Technology – Some systems can be added later but tend to be technologies that aren’t the preferable choice for quality.


  • Large screen LED/LCD
    • Brands Carried: Sony, Samsung
  • Projection TV/Screens
    • Brands Carried: Sony, JVC, Elite EVP, Dragonfly
  • Receiver
    • Brands Carried: Denon, Marantz, Pioneer Elite
  • Preamp/ Processors, Amplifiers
    • Brands Carried: Marantz, Parasound
  • Speakers
    • Brands Carried: Triad, Episode
  • Internet TV/content devices
    • Brands Carried: Roku, AppleTV, Plex
  • Digital video recorder
    • Brands Carried: Tivo
  • Blu-ray DVD player
    • Brands Carried: Sony, Samsung
  • Remote controls
    • Brands Carried: Control4, RTI, Universal Remote
  • Internet – router and WiFi
    • Brands Carried: Araknis, Luxul
  • Remote controlled light/heating/AC interfaces
    • Brands Carried: Control4, Lutron, Nest
  • Device and media storage
    • Brands Carried: Autonomic, Fusion Research
  • Ambient and recessed lighting
    • Brands Carried: Control4, Lutron, ColorBeam
  • Television Service Providers
    • Suggested: DirecTV, Dish Network, Spectrum, Frontier
  • Internet Service Providers
    • Suggested: Spectrum, Frontier, Intermax, TDS Fiber, Viasat, HughesNet

We will help you plan ahead 

We will work with you to select which services and technologies you will want to use in the future.

  • Audio and Video Devices – Decide where you want to locate the TV’s, speakers, source equipment.
  • Service Providers – Are you going to enjoy Satellite TV, CableTV or Stream services from the internet? Which internet service provider will you choose?
  • Music in other areas – Determine if you want to send music to other rooms or even outside.
  • Lighting – We can integrate your lighting with an automation system to utilize wall switches that will do more than control your lights.
  • Temperature – Replace your thermostat easily with a smart thermostat.
  • Pool and/or Jacuzzi – Wire your heater, pumps and jets and control them to come on at predetermined times so you don’t forget.
  • Security System – Do you want the extra security that a quality monitored security system can provide?
  • Surveillance Cameras – Location of cameras is essential when adding a surveillance system.
  • Door Locks – Allow access to your home to other you trust with multiple codes. You can even control who enters using schedules. If you only want the housekeeper to enter during the hours of 9am to 5pm.
  • Garage doors – If you leave the house, you can check if you forgot to close the door. You can even receive an email if it was opened!
  • Shades – When the sun shines through the windows at the end of the day, you can have the shades close to keep the house cool, automatically.
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