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Get the best of your smart devices and appliances with reliable networking and wifi system installation from Media Controlled. With a trusted team of technology experts and years of industry experience, we deliver networking solutions to make your simple, efficient, and fun.

Why Do You Need an Expert Networking and Wifi System Installation Service?

We provide networking and wifi solutions to cover your entire property. Our high-performing wifi setup will let you enjoy a better life in more than one way.

  • Video streaming and Gaming: Enjoy your favorite shows and games without constant pauses and buffering. Our dependable connection provides excellent picture clarity even while streaming videos on multiple devices.
  • Handling smart appliances: With a good wifi connection, you can monitor laundry loads from your office, check the left-over food in your refrigerator while traveling, open your garage door, or run the intelligent vacuum cleaner remotely. We can support you in building a smart life with the best network connectivity.
  • Better security: We will ensure that your wifi is up and running to back your security surveillance system, 24/7.
  • A better life: We make your living environment more intelligent by supporting advanced devices such as voice assistants, smart thermostats, innovative lock systems, etc.

Media Controlled can upgrade your old router, help you assess the internet download and upload speeds, and offer technical help with your wifi. If you have any setup or service queries, we are always available.

Networking and Wifi Installation Checklist

  • Access points
  • Router
  • Wireless Repeaters
  • Wireless Bridges
  • Cord Access

Four Benefits of Having a Professional Take Care of Your Networking and Wifi System Installation

  1. Optimal security: Advanced technology solutions demand proper security protocols. We optimize the security of all connected devices. We can customize your security settings and set up unique passwords.
  2. Uninterrupted performance: Your smart devices will deliver optimal performance 24/7.
  3. Hassle-free installation: We are technology experts. We provide efficient, quick, and glitch-free networking and wifi system installation.
  4. Resolve speed issues: We provide solutions for slow network speeds and dead spots.

If you dream about building an intelligent home, reach out to our networking and wifi system installation team today.

Factors to Consider While During Networking and Wifi Installation

When you hire us for network and wifi system installation, we understand your specific requirements and draw a plan that best satisfies your needs. 

Location of Router

The position of a router can impact the connectivity. The router must not be placed too high as rebooting can become difficult. It may not be ideal for placing the router on your living room floor or in a deeply hidden corner of an unused room.

Network Security

Avoid default passwords and passwords that are too easy to guess. Talk to our team members and find ways to optimize the security of your wifi network.

Device Planning

We plan your network layout based on the area to be covered and the number of devices used within the space. We can help you determine the number of repeaters and bridges you would need to enjoy flawless connectivity.

From Our Clients

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Media Controlled Media Controlled
Feb 5, 2019,
I was very pleased with the work done by Media Controlled. I would use them again and recommend them accordingly. They came with cost effective solutions for an older system and brought it up to speed...
Media Controlled Media Controlled
Oct 5, 2018,
Thrilled with their work! Very responsive! Mark is honest and has great integrity.
Media Controlled Media Controlled
Oct 5, 2018,
After having my home theater upgraded, I can’t enjoy any body else’s system that doesn’t have the quality that Mark has installed for us. There’s no comparison. Thank you so much.
Media Controlled Media Controlled
Oct 5, 2018,
Great website – clean easy to navigate. Have experienced your service and expertise for years with complete satisfaction.
Media Controlled Media Controlled
Oct 5, 2018,
Mark, thanks to you and all the gang over there for putting in this wonderful system & working to get all the kinks out. Listening to Van Morrison right now. Anytime you’re in the area, there’s always...
Media Controlled Media Controlled
Aug 27, 2018,
Informative ,easy to work with! Mark was pleasant and so helpful.
Media Controlled Media Controlled
Aug 17, 2018,
Media Controlled Media Controlled
Aug 17, 2018,
Media Controlled Media Controlled

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