There are many good reasons to get a home theater… Here are 15 we could think of!

15 Benefits of Having an Entertainment System at Home:

It may be a little pricey to set up initially, but in the long run you save money and get to enjoy your entertainment much more comfortably. If you’re still not convinced, though, here’s a complete list of reasons why you should set up your own little movie theater in the comfort of your home:

1. Save Money by Not Buying Movie Tickets.

One movie ticket generally costs about $10-$20…That adds up fast, especially if you bring the whole family along. You can save a lot of money by either flat out buying a movie for about $20-$30, renting it for about $2-$20, or getting unlimited access to streamed media for a monthly fee of under $20 per streaming service per month for any number of people to watch together! It’s honestly one of the pretty ridiculous, obvious reasons to get a home theater.

2. Pause Whenever You’d Like.

Drank too much soda? If you’re in the movie theater, you have to either deal with being uncomfortable or miss a few minutes of the film. One of the best reasons to get a home theater–This isn’t an issue at home with access to the pause button! For any given reason, you can stop where you’re at and resume the film at any time.

3. Be Entertained, Even When You’re Sick.

Please don’t spread your germs to the public when you’re sick…There’s nothing more rude than going out in public when you’re feeling under the weather. But there’s also nothing more comforting than a movie marathon when you’re ill. Be polite and stay entertained by getting a home theater of your own.

4. Sit or Lie Down Comfortably.

Movie theater chairs aren’t exactly known to be the most comfortable option. At home, you can sprawl out however you’d like in your comfy chair, couch, or bed…any furnishings you’ve chosen. You could even stand or pace the room without judgement if that sounds pleasant to you.

5. Host Watch Parties.

It’s not always easy, or affordable, to get tickets and close together enough seating to enjoy the movie theater with a large group…But having a party at home? That’s definitely not unheard of! Maybe you want to throw big a movie-premiere party, or perhaps you want to see the game with a handful of friends. Whatever the case, it’s much easier to accommodate groups of people in your home theater.

6. Be As Quiet or Loud as You Want.

We all have different preferences for the social environment of our movie experience…Many of us just like it quiet so we can be fully immersed in the story. Some of us love the sound of laughter at that hilarious moment, and enjoy commenting with friends on what just took place. In theaters, you don’t get a choice…it can be too loud or too quiet all at once. But at home by ourselves or with friends we have a sense of control. The same can be said of the volume we want to hear the film at. Put it at a whisper, or shake the walls with the rumbling of the subwoofer on full volume, or anywhere in between.

7. Watch Nearly Anything, Even Long After It’s Out of Theaters.

Sometimes theaters will play old classics…But not often. You’re left at the mercy of whatever is current and deemed worthy of the owner of the theater. At home, depending on what movies or streaming services you have access to, you have a much, much wider selection of choices.

8. Enjoy Exclusive Home Videos.

Something the movie theater definitely does not have is video of your wedding, your baby’s first words, the exotic vacation you went on years back, or the day you brought home your puppy. These are special moments that only you have access to, and how beautiful would it be to get to reexperience them, full-screen? One very unique reason to get a home theater.

9. Immerse Yourself in an Incomparable Gaming Experience.

Your home theater doesn’t have to be exclusive to watching movies and television! Set up your XBox, Playstation, or PC and get ready to level up your experience with your favorite games like you never imagined…

10. Surround Yourself with Music.

Same goes for music…Imagine being able to sit comfortably at home and feel like you’ve got a concert going on in your living room. Hear the nuance of each instrument, each note, each breath, coming at you from all different angles.

11. Limitless Movie Marathons.

What do you feel like watching back to back to back? Sometimes the theaters will do marathons, too, on special occasions…but there’s nothing like being able to choose to watch a whole series of movies or shows, or any array of films you feel like seeing, one after another.

12. Higher Quality Sound and Image is Possible.

Imagine getting to be front and center, or otherwise in perfect proximity to the screen, every time you watch a movie…and further imagine the crispest, clearest picture you can, paired with surround sound that perfectly envelopes you in the soundscapes of the film you’re watching… Projectors and screens or flat-screen TVs are getting better and better in quality, and sound engineering is a work of art that can be more fully experienced in the comfort of your home when set up by a professional. The quality is almost limitless, and it’s attainable. Possibly my very favorite of all reasons to get a home theater!

13. Multitask Without Being Rude.

Remember the last time somebody used their phone next to you in the theater? It can really pull you away from the experience…we all know how rude that is and wouldn’t dare do it ourselves, right? But if you’re in the comfort of your private space at home, there’s nothing wrong with using your phone, or even completing a work task, or some household chores, all while something entertaining is playing in the background. It can even help you enjoy the process of an otherwise dull task!

14. Perfect for Homebodies and Introverts…No Reason to Leave the House.

Sometimes we just don’t want to leave the house. It’s cozy and comfy and allows us privacy and control…The theater doesn’t give those same benefits, even if you rent the whole space it’s just not the same. Maybe you want to avoid strangers today, or maybe you want to enjoy some time all to yourself…There’s nothing better in that case than watching a film at home.

15. No Limit to the Snacks You Can Enjoy!

Last but not least, you can enjoy ANY snacks you want without purchasing them at the concession stand or sneaking them in like a mischievous teenager. Heck, you can enjoy a full course meal, the loudest, crunchiest chips you can imagine, or your favorite cocktail without anybody stopping you. The options are limited only by your preferences.

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